Bourbon 'n BrownTown

Ep. 8.3 - Sexism in Mixed Company

Episode Summary

Part 3 of 3 featuring all Episode 8 guests. Using Part 1 and 2 as a springboard, BrownTown attempts to take on gender, sexism, feminism, and masculinity in mixed company of men and women. Unfortunately, a practical interruption causes the conversation to go awry yet allows for further dialogue regarding said issues and much more.

Episode Notes

For part 3, BrownTown grows in size as we dissect the issues of previous episodes firsthand with all Episode 8 guests--Jamie Nesbitt, Madison Zielinski, Joanna Preston, and Larone Ellison. Due to the chaotic nature of the original recording, we chose not to release the raw episode in its entirety. Instead, Caullen and David look back at their unexpected interruption and highlight key points of that night in an effort to find the larger themes at play. What results is an attempt to take as much away from a real life experience as possible. Originally recorded in August 2017.


CREDITS: Intro music Complexion (A Zulu Love) by Kendrick Lamar ft. Rapsody. Outro music Sharp Shooters by Dead Prez. Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro. Episode art and Bourbon 'n BrownTown logo by Desirae Gladden.


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