Bourbon 'n BrownTown

Ep. 8.2 - Everyday Feminism & Fighting the Patriarchy ft. Jamie Nesbitt, Madison Zielinksi, & Joanna Preston

Episode Summary

Part 2 of 3 featuring Jamie Nesbett, Madison Zielinski, and Joanna Preston. Female guests school BrownTown on gender, sexism, and feminism in the midst of recent sexual allegations coming out in Washington, Hollywood, and...well...everywhere.

Episode Notes

BrownTown invites Jamie Nesbitt, Madison Zielinski, and Joanna Preston to continue the conversation had on 8.1 and break down the role toxic masculinity has played in their lives. By sharing personal experiences and insights, each gives their findings on navigating womanhood, feminism, and surviving in a world dominated by men... as well as a few other things. Originally recorded August 2017.


CREDITS: Intro music by Fiendsh and soundbite from Angel Davis' discussing "the revolutionary." Outro song Doves in the Wind ft. Kenrick Lamar. Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro.


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