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Ep. 8.1 - Toxic Masculinity & Resisting with Privilege

Episode Summary

Part 1 of 3 featuring Larone Ellison. BrownTown adds to the conversation around gender, sexism, and toxic masculinity in the midst of recent sexual allegations coming out in Washington, Hollywood, and...well...everywhere.

Episode Notes

Larone Ellison joins BrownTown to discuss the ramifications of toxic masculinity and how men are implicated in systemic patriarchy. Mr. Ellison has a background in women’s and gender studies and is a recent masters graduate of DePaul University researching cyber-harassment of Black women. But really, he’s just a guy who is sick of watching assholes pretend to represent masculinity (see Lil' Duval on the Breakfast Club and your everyday life). With his new found fame (active twitter account, 313 followers), he's working with great people like Man Up Man Down to offer a new insight for male youth in Chicago. Originally recorded August 2017.


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CREDITS: Intro music by Fiendsh and soundbite from "This is What Donald Trump Thinks of Women" mashup. Outro song Bad Bitch by Lupe Fiasco. Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro.


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