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Ep. 7 - Public Health & The Death Gap ft. Jessica Puri

Episode Summary

BrownTown is joined by Jessica Puri, a public health professional in Chicago, to discuss the social determinants of health and how their disparities are affected by segregation, education, income and more.

Episode Notes


Jessica Puri is a Nigerian-born Public Health professional with years of experience in scientific writing, health research and public health communication on the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. She currently works with Executives at MATTER, an incubator that bridges the communication gap between innovators in every aspect of healthcare.


BrownTown talks #ChiHealth, the social determinants of health, and how policy affects an individual's environment. Jessica leads the conversation by sharing experiences both on the job at MATTER, in her education, and as a fellow Chicagoan using the tools she's acquired as a professional to help explain what health disparities are and how we can improve our communities. Lessons from Dr. Camara Jones Gardner's Tale parable and David Ansell's book The Death Gap help guide the discussion.


Check out more of Jessica Puri at on SoapBox Editorial. Follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram.


CREDITS: Intro music Fried Chicken by Nas ft. Busta Rhymes. Outro music Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac. Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro.


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