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Ep. 2 - Trump's First 100 Days

Episode Summary

BrownTown's take on President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office (yes, it's only been 100 days). We laughed, we cried, we drank.

Episode Notes

On January 20th, Donald Trump was sworn into office with the message of carnage, destruction, and fear-mongering for the American people who found themselves officially in a new era of politics and discourse. From day one, he proclaimed to be the hero but on day two protests erupted all over the nation and different parts of the world in opposition to the sexist, white supremacist, xenophobic rhetoric used by the newest leader of the free world. BrownTown pours a drink and toasts to the resurgence of activism that has culminated since his election recalling their time in Washington for both the inauguration as well as the Women's March and their time since. But it's been 100 days and we're curious about what Trump has been up to (other than golfing at his own resort).

Since January, he has signed 90 Executive Actions, attempted to implement an immigration ban (which has failed twice), and has put together one of the worst cabinets in history. While Trump claimed in many of his campaign speeches to “drain the swamp,” meaning that he would help the little guy get rid of all of the rich, corrupt politicians, he proceeded to fill his cabinet with people who are the antithesis of the ideal person for each role. Michael Flynn, the National Security Advisor appointed by Trump, resigned 24 days after taking office amid the Russia investigation. Our newest EPA director Scott Pruitt does not believe in climate change and John F. Kelly, now in charge of the Department of Homeland Security, is against women and transpeople in the military. The outspoken response to Trump has been overwhelming from media and politicians to artists and athletes. The Trump Administration's absurdity provides a never-ending supply of laughable and ridiculous content while simultaneously making it impossible to take lightly without critical analysis and opposition. In conclusion, call your state representatives, get in the streets, block some traffic, have conversations with people, and, most importantly, don’t normalize Trump, our new #TweeterInChief.


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CREDITS: Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro. Episode art and Bourbon 'n BrownTown logo by Desirae Gladden.


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