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Ep. 19 - Happy Father's Day ft. Larone Ellison

Episode Summary

BrownTown talks all things fatherhood, gender roles, co-parenting, and—of course—toxic masculinity with friend, academic, and father Larone Ellison on this special day.

Episode Notes

Larone Ellison is a scholar, researcher, and father with a background in women’s and gender studies. He is a recent graduate of DePaul University’s sociology masters program where he researched cyber-harassment of Black women.

Larone discusses his experiences co-parenting and raising his daughter while in graduate school and beyond with (childless) BrownTown. He leads the conversation on the involved, hands-on role of fathers versus strictly the financial provider, as is often recognized and championed in heteropatriachy. We unravel this problematic model of fatherhood and explain the ramifications of how toxic masculinity and white supremacy scaffold a mythical standard version of fatherhood and family. The group touches on their personal experiences with their parents and fathers as men of color, relating back to infamous Chris Rock bits as well as unnecessary praise given to male mediocrity.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! BrownTown loves and appreciates you for all that you do. And you gender non-conforming parents, too!


As Larone mentions in the episode: Watch, interact, and get more information on Zarniah's series Sex is a God Thing: When two queer women of color connect as long lost sisters, they must lament the recent loss of their father, repair their broken relationships, and reconcile their childhood religiosity as they begin to own their identities as Black lesbians.

Find Larone on Twitter and check out his new venture, Elevated Podcast, on Apple Podcasts or your chosen platform.


CREDITS: Intro music by Fiendsh. Outro song Papa was a Rolling Stone by The Temptations with soundbite from Chris Rock. Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro.


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