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Ep. 17 - Happy Mother's Day ft. Jamie Nesbitt

Episode Summary

BrownTown chops it up with friend, journalist, and mother Jamie Nesbitt about all things motherhood, relating to our mothers as adolescents and adults, and the importance of our mothers on this special day.

Episode Notes

Jamie Nesbitt is a wife, mother, and freelance journalist hailing from Chicago's Southside. Her work can be found in Ebony, XO Jane, RedEye Chicago, DNA Info Chicago (RIP), Chicagoist, Salon, her own blog Hood Feminism, and other publications.

Jamie gives BrownTown insight on her relationship with her mother growing up, her own entrance to motherhood, and raising her eight-year-old son. Using her experience as a springboard, the group delves into issues in the healthcare system's treatment of Black women, the benefits of prenatal yoga, as well as the community aspect of child rearing.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! BrownTown loves and appreciates you for all that you do. And you gender non-conforming parents, too!


Find Jamie on Twitter and check out her new venture, Elevated Podcast on Apple Podcasts or your chosen platform.


CREDITS: Intro song Dear Mama by Tupac. Outro Hey Mama by Kanye West. Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro.


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