Bourbon 'n BrownTown

Ep. 1 - Black & Brown Representation in Media

Episode Summary

Join BrownTown's first ever podcast and raise a glass as we drink, laugh, and discuss Black and Brown representation in our current media landscape, including but not limited to FX's Atlanta, Oscar-winner Moonlight, Jordan Peele's Get Out, and the recent Star Wars films.

Episode Notes

In the inaugural episode of BrownTown's first ever podcast, we begins with the opening song to the pilot episode of Atlanta, Donald Glover's (AKA Childish Gambino) new series on FX. BrownTown delivers a critical analysis on the comedy-drama that succeeds in exploring everything from mass incarceration, mental health, Black identity, to the sexual landscape all within the first two episodes without really even trying. The nuanced, character-driven nearly all-Black show, which premiered in fall 2016 sets the tone for the explosion of breakout Black films Moonlight and Get Out that followed in 2017. The recent Star Wars films are also a topic of discussion as their diverse cast among ethnic and gender lines has made actual white supremacists upset (...tear). With Moonlight, BrownTown briefly touches on the complexities of toxic masculinity amongst men of color (noting, of course, The Boondocks). Furthermore, we take our sights to critique the credit given by the white mainstream from instances like the Oscars Best Picture fiasco to a VOX video on late night comedian's satirical coverage of the Trump Administration, which somehow ignores Trevor Noah, Black South African host of the 21-year running Daily Show on Comedy Central. Four months into 2017, we continue to see the media landscape as an ever-evolving social ecology of paradoxical relationship between the problematic systems of the past and the progressive ideals of the future.


CREDITS: Intro/outro music - "No Hook" by OJ Da Juiceman from FX's Atlanta Season 1. Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro.


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